5 Must Have House Plants And Their Benefits

House PlantsLiving in a one bedroom flat or a mansion, inclusion of plants is essential. Potted plants in your household not only beautify the surrounding but also add fresh air with the inclusion of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There are some plants which are more beneficial. The 5 must have house plants are as follows:

• Peace Lily called as Spathiphyllum as its scientific name - the spores of mold is removed if you keep peace lily at your bathroom or laundry. Filtration of trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from the environment is the work of this plant. The features are so special that it looks beautiful in the household. There is a slight disadvantage associated with it that it can be toxic if cats consume it.

• Bamboo Palm called as Chamaedorea Seifrizzi as its scientific name - the height of this plant is 10 feet and grows little above it. You can easily add this plant into the space of indoors. The two most toxic elements can at any time enter the environment of the living space called as benzene and trichloroethylene which this plant removes it. You should keep this plant near the furniture as formaldehyde can be removed.

• Rubber Plant called as Ficus Elastica as its scientific name - the character of such plants is that it easily thrives and survives in areas which have low temperature and less light which are taken in by other plants. When tested it gave out positive result that it removes the pollutants and toxins present in the homes. This plant can also be kept near the furniture.

• Chinese Evergreen called as Aglaonema as its scientific name - How effectively the plant develops is wonderful! The more time this plant spends in the space given the more fruitful it becomes at the removal of toxins and pollutants. It grows well and produces berries even in low light.

• Aloe Vera plant – it is easy to grow and also removes toxins and pollutants. The leaves have some properties which heal fast. It is considered to be a good source of proteins be it A, B1, B2 and others. It helps in skin diseases, against cuts and wounds, digestion, alkalinity and immune system. The growing process is so simple that it can even grow in a mini plant near the window sill.

The benefits of growing plants at your home are numerous:

• Purification of air - Conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen is the most important element of plants. Oxygen is required not only for your body but also for your well being. Even on the International Space Stations NASA uses the small plants for purification.

• Locally productive - there are dwarf versions of many plants which you otherwise, cannot grow in the surrounding. Some fruit plants which are dwarf plants can be grown right near your window.

• Plants make your house as home - it is scientifically proven that if you have more plants in your house then it will help you in breathing. The room will be full of scent.

7 Paint Ideas For Your Exterior

exterior paintsPainting the exterior of your home and its part is like remodelling. The correct balance of the hues is vital since colour is related to psychology and is affected by it. If the interior is well balanced with the colours then exterior should definitely be. If the surface of the water does not beautify your imagination then the inside of it will not produce any magic. Like the bright colours during spring sends heart racing the winter season brings in warmth of darker shades and similarly the summer season plays down with its choice of colours.

Some inspirational paint ideas are as follows:

• Colours that can never go wrong – white, off-white and gray shades are traditional and safe colours. If the surroundings are already colourful with green meadows and grass lighter tones always works best for the exterior.

• Contrasting paint side by side - for brick houses combining dark colours like royal blue and tan with lighter shades of the bricks and dark shade of bricks like mahogany and maroon with soft paint colours nullifies the dramatic colour combination.

• Usage of putty shades - paint that easily blend in with the surrounding should be highlighted on doors, windows, pillars, facade, ceiling, walkways. Darker greys and warmer shades works well especially during winters.

• For a happy house - happy house colours are yellow, green, pink and mauve which are very fresh, gives energy and you can always highlight the exteriors with such colours or paint the entire colour with happy tones but keep the doors, porch and other areas in contrasting happy colours.

• Similar colour but with different shades - If you have a favourite colour on your mind then you can always put that into practise by playing with undertone, moderate to darker tone. Shades of grey- mix of pewter on the doors and windows, blue grey bricks and deep caviar grey on the walls of the exterior.

• Darker shades highlighting the different parts - For the slope of the entrance, footsteps, door panelling and pillars can be of vivacious paint and the rest of the straight parts in the usual white.

• Playing it down smoothly - if the landscape is already too filled with natural colours and you do not even want an all sombre white shade then go with multicoloured bricks of the house by keeping some of the portions like the panels and pillars in undertone shade.

Every idea of paint is unique if it comes from the heart but going by the colour scheme monochromatic, triadic, complementary and accent tones can all be applied. A basic hue, value of the hues, tones, tints and shades should be kept in mind according to the colour wheel. The colour of the bricks, roofing and stonework usually should have a different colour than the walls. It is the settings of the house according to which the natural shades, the shades of the earth and dark shades depend. Period colours to latest trends can be both applied simultaneously for a modern and traditional look.

How to take care for pepper plants

pepper plantsAre you planning to plant pepper? That’s great as the colorful pepper plants assure a vibrant view to your garden, creating a truly spectacular sight. Having pepper in your home garden would serve as excellent aide when you are about to cook up some exotic Mexican dish. However, you must know that pepper plants demand patience and if you are right here you would be rewarded in abundance.

You must know that pepper plants must be first planted indoors. So, start getting your plants ready indoors as spring approaches –you can only take them out when the last frost date gets over. Frost is dangerous for the pepper plants. You have to keep the plant indoors for say 8-10 weeks and when you are sure of a full-fledged sunny spring, bring out your pots amidst the radian ambience. The pepper plants must be placed at least 12-15” apart and the space would be 15-18” in case of larger bell options. You must get windbreaks in between the plants to reduce transplant shock.

You have to be very careful about your site selection as well. The ideal site for pepper plants is place with well-drained soil & plenty of sun-beam. Prep up your garden bed with a solid garden tiller or fork to loosen down the soil up till 12-15” & then mix up 2-4” of compost layer. However, make sure the soil is uniformly moist & not water-logged.

Deep watering is much needed for a healthy growth of your pepper plants. The deep watering process must be carried on a weekly basis.

You will require cages (around 2ft high) for a strong backup for the heavy-yielding bushy plants. Then, you should apply organic heavy mulches as the season changes to summer with the heat at the peak. Be cautious about the temperature though. Temperatures more than 900F would be dangerous for the buds & blossoms- the situation can be more precarious in case of low humidity.
Feed the plants once while setting out & then further with nitrogen fertilizer when the fruit grows.

You have to carry on regular inspections on the pepper plants to check out for the sticky “dew” appearing on underside of the pepper plant leaves- these are caused from aphids. Don’t worry, the sticky dew issue could be eliminated easily by spraying light soapy solution on underside of the leaves. If the problem is serious, seek help from an expert gardener- the professionals are well aware of effective chemical sprays to cure up bad infestations.

5 Bedroom Decor Tips

Bedroom Decor TipsAre you living in a claustrophobic bedroom where you feel exhausted while having a good night sleep after a day’s hard work. Well, it seems that your bedroom needs a complete renovation, but for that obviously you need money. Here are few handy tips with which you can change the entire muggy and boring look of your bedroom and make it a refreshing one.

De-clutter the furniture jungle: After living in a same bedroom for a decent period of time, you will realize that basically you are living in a furniture jungle. Out of which many are useless and serve no purpose but clutter your bedroom only. This should be removed first. Point out the furniture that you do not need anymore and just sell them. This will not only give you a nice bunch of cash but will also create space in your bedroom and increase your comfort level.

Wall renovation: Get out of the old, dull colors of the walls of your bedroom and try to think differently. Using dull paints on your bedroom walls will only make your thoughts dull and depressive, so go for fresh and lively shades like lime, bright orange and peach, nicely contrast them with other shades to put it on the rest of the walls. Take help of color experts. Sit with them; go for customized paints if you want. A lot of people are also going for blocks, layers and other patterns on the wall paints. Try out these and give your bedroom a novel touch.

Light arrangement: Here comes another important part of your bedroom decor which is light arrangement. If you feel gloomy right under the dim lights of your bedroom, change them immediately. A bedroom is also used for several purposes like reading a book before sleep, doing some personal work on computer or so. If you have a small bedroom, then do not go for heavy light arrangement. Instead of using heavy drapes, curtains, if you use lightweight curtains with light colors, then the then the bedroom looks spacious. If you use simple looking mini blinds, then it will also enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

Mirrors: Setting the mirror arrangement in your bedroom is also a good option. If you can set the mirrors sensibly considering the light points, it will also make your room bigger and lightier. But do not go for huge wall to wall mirrors, it might spoil the overall look of the room. A simple vertical mirror attached with dressing wardrobe will make your bedroom a true peace abode, where you can have a goodnight sleep and shed your entire burden.

Bedding: Gone are those days when dark colors where used in bedding. Especially before the summer when you are trying to renovate your bedroom, then the color of your bedding should be carefully chosen. Light colored bedding should be ideal. If you are fond of dark shades, you can contrast the light colored bedding with deep colored cushions.

So follow the above tips and guidelines, and give your bedroom a completely new look. This will not cost you much but will give your bedroom a refreshing ambience where you can enjoy resting on your summer holidays.

Prevent pipes from freezing

Prevent pipes from freezingThe winter season is a tough time for the house owners because as the temperature starts to drop there are chances of frozen pipes which can so easily burst and create so many problems to the house. It can be prevented if some easy steps are followed.

• The insulation of the house should be improved to prevent the pipes from freezing. The best place to improve the insulation is the loft and the minimum depth should ideally be 270 mm which would prevent heat loss from the roof. Floor and cavity wall insulation should also be done. Apart from this the windows should also be double glazed. This also traps the heat during the day time and ensures that the pipes do not freeze at night.

• The central heating of the house should either be in the normal setting or it can be low. Basically the temperature should vary in between 55 to 60 degrees F. The trap door which leads to the open space in the roof should also be open.

• In addition to all these the water supply should be turned off when it is not required. The central heating boiler which is associated with the overall pipe work of the house should be drained properly from time to time. For this all the water supply in the house should be stopped with a stopcock.

• If you think that the pipes are vulnerable to freezing then it is better to keep the faucet dripping and there must be a slight trickle of water coming through. This would ensure that the moving water would never freeze and there will be no danger of bursting pipes.

• Keeping the pipes warm is possibly the best way to prevent the pipes from freezing. Getting a portable heater installed near the pipes may fix the problem once and for all. If the space is tight and the heater does not fit in then you may wrap the pipes for proper insulation.

• Thawing the pipe can be a good way to prevent it from freezing. You may also use special electric heat tape which can be wrapped around the pipes to keep them warm at night.
Pipes can be stopped from freezing during winters if you follow some simple steps.

Benefits of Electric Chimneys

Electric ChimneysChimneys usually help to rid your house of filthy smells which may cause suffocation and irritation while breathing. Thinking of chimneys a picture of the age old long tube built on top of the fireplace appears in our minds but there has been way more changes in the design, types and availability of chimneys since those times.

The thing with these electric chimneys is that they have a motor fitted inside them that ensure the easy and fast suction of the unwanted gases and helps get rid of them almost as soon as they are formed. The grease filter and charcoal filter are adjusted and fitted inside the conical shaped body of these electric gadgets. These as the name suggests are for filtering the respective wastes as soon as possible. Since the bad suffocating cooking smells are sucked out immediately the house is free from any spice odour.

Apart from this, these chimneys do not let your kitchen ceiling turn into a layer of charcoal and the black residue is not deposited. This causes less irritation during cooking too helping in speeding up the work and making it less hassle free and more convenient. The marble flooring or granite flooring are not affected by the sticky vapours from the cooking. It prevents the person in the kitchen from sneezing especially into the food.

Another good thing with these chimneys is the metallic finish of the stainless steel material which makes it look incredibly modern and classy. So apart from the fast hassle free results it gives, it is also very aesthetically pleasing and can go with any kind of kitchen decor. They can really be relied upon as far as pumping out suffocating odour is concerned and protects your kitchen wall and ceiling from losing its lustre.

Bedroom design for girls

Bedroom design for girlsThe damsels are endowed with an innate knack towards aesthetics and hence they always love their den to be well designed and decked up. Are you planning a renovation for your home and looking for design ideas for your daughter’s bedroom? Well, the post here is a short brief on how to deck up the bed chamber for your princess.

Let’s start with the walls. The traditional pink paint is okay but the trendy girls also love to go for light yellow, mint green and the blue. If you wish to keep it simply and classy, a pink & white team would be the best. You can opt for new painting techniques here like textured paints for the walls. Deck up the walls with photo frames for a personal touch. If she is fond of books get a nice funky hanging bookcase for the wall that could also serve as CD & DVD rack if you have a movie buff beauty at home.

A nice dresser with a large mirror is a must for every girl’s bedroom. Make sure that the dresser has got enough drawers to stock all her make-up essentials. You can go for a canopy bed where you have beautiful curtains hanging from the ceiling down to the floor creating a surreal dreamy effect, much loved among girls. Don’t forget to place a little area rug beside the bed. A bunk bed would be nice if your daughter often has friends staying over at her place.

In regards to lighting, a little chandelier would be the most ideal for a desired dramatic effect inside the room. Girls usually prefer dainty designs and hence make sure not to settle with too clustered crystal chandeliers. In case a chandelier is too overwhelming for the room, you have the subtly colorful Japanese lanterns to do the dramatic bit for you.

Cartoon Themes Kid’s Room Decor

Cartoon Themes Kid’s Room DecorDesigning houses have become a big issue nowadays. Since people are willing to spend that much money to make their house look perfect each room is being given individual attention. The kid’s room mostly is the one with all the elaborate decorations. Cartoons are becoming a very fancy way of decoration in a kid’s room nowadays. It’s easy, pick the favourite cartoon of the kid and design the room such that the central theme of that particular cartoon is not lost. Pillow covers, beds, curtains, wallpapers, table tops, wall hangings and many more accessories are the props which help in making the room perfect.

Disney cars theme: if you want your child to be excited when he is home and not run away from home and spend his times outdoors this theme should be frequented. Most young little boys love to play with card and keeping this theme just makes it better. First start by getting a car shaped bed as this adds glamour and authenticity and feel to the room. After this different design of wallpapers which are available in most of the stores out there or from online websites. Wall graphics made from vinyl are wear and tear resistant and can be peeled off and put anywhere without harming the walls. These graphics come in handy as the little kids are fickle about what they want; they may want it here now but there afterwards.

Disney princess theme: quite famous among the young ladies this theme can never get old. For this too we can start by getting a bed with beautiful drapes (especially in pink colour). Little netted pink bed curtains hanging around the bed gives the bed a feel of the princess. Wallpapers with princess photos and a little castle type doll house on the study table can be added.

How to choose wooden flooring?

wooden flooringThe top most tips for you to ensure that you are able to choose the best kind of wooden flooring are given as follows:

a) Decide On The Type Of Flooring – There are different kinds of flooring that may be able to vary according to your taste and preference. You can buy finished as well as unfinished items which will require you to visit your local flooring outlet to choose the best fancy items, bobs etc.
b) Work Out How Much You Need – It is very important to decide upon the amount of wooden flooring that you need because purchasing in excess can be very difficult to handle later. This will help to you save on some money and prevent it from being wasted. If you order for less than what you require then you will have to wait until the next shipment that might cause delay and tension. Roughly an exact amount will help you to complete the job efficiently.
c) Get Some Quotes – Once you are sure about the amount of wooden tiles that you require to complete your task, you can begin with contacting many suppliers and ask for quotes. You can always try to bargain with the supplier if he is willing to negotiate the prices. But you should make sure that you have arrange of prices from different suppliers so that it is easier to make an economical decision that will help to carry out your project efficiently.
d) Compare Prices – The very next step should be the comparison of various price quotes that you have received. This is essential to choose the best supplier. The one who has the cheapest quotes should be chosen but before you take the final decision you should check on the quality of the product as well.

Decking up your home for a party

home for a partyAre you going to have an in-house party soon? In-house parties are no doubt fun, exciting and ensure many memories to cherish for years. However, as the party host you have to assure that the venue sports the best of decoration. The article here is a short note highlighting on how to deck up your home for a party.

First of all, the venue must be completely spick and span. So start off with your vacuum cleaner and scrape off dust & dirt particles from every cranny of your home. A clean home is the first step to your beautiful home. Then, it’s time that you take out the new bed cover, cushion covers, table cloths and curtains. If possible get a uniform for all your chairs – a white one specifically and tie up a bright colored ribbon surrounding the chair top. The dining table is certainly the major center of attraction for any in-house party. Albeit you have the lip-smacking dishes to spice it up for the evening but of course you won’t be taking out the dishes prior to the dinner time. In the meanwhile beautify the dining base with a row of colorful fruits instead of a flower vase.

Flowers are common in every party décor given their charming presence and the sweet aroma but if you are planning a different look this get fruits instead of flowers for the dining table. The flower vases can be placed at other parts of your hoe such as the center table, the window sills etc. Get aromatic candles to a soft and fragrant ambience for your guests. It’s good if you can use fairy lights for your lawn and at the entrance. Don’t forget to put up a “Welcome” sign at your hallway- it’s fun and kids will love it dearly.